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Stefan Hallberg

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Native Swede, born and raised. Relocated to the U.S.A., Intermountain West, Utah, in 1991. I have been involved in photography since high school and have worked as a professional photographer all of my adult career life. Worked as the manager of the photo department of a national newspaper in Sweden for 6 years. Was on assignment for the Associated Press at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

After leaving the press, I have been managing my own commercial photo studio working for various European companies, including Italian and Northern European fashion houses and European auto manufacturers. After relocating my studio to the U.S. my clientele has been large and small corporations, mainly in the U.S., with much international traveling.

I have been involved in teaching photography and Photoshop for about 20 years, having designed and thought classes at three major universities in addition to various sized workshops.

My interest in and connection to the outdoors began early spending all of my summers growing up in the forest. Pursuing nature and landscape photography from the very beginning of my photography career producing calendars with outdoors themes for Swedish corporations and later with assignments for clients like the North Face.